Photocopying isn’t quite as bad as it sounds.

It’s already Tuesday afternoon here at Stowe Family Law LLP and even with the persistent rain outside and the fact that I forgot my umbrella this morning I’m in high spirits. I may have some interesting jobs cropping up in the near future and I feel like I’m finally all settled in here at Stowe Family Law LLP.

Following on from yesterday I received my Background to the Position Statement back with minor amendments, and instruction to complete the position statement in full. A Position Statement aims to set out an overview of the case, your concerns and what you are hoping to achieve moving forward. It should include a brief background of the case and should allow those who read it to quickly understand the current position of the case and your client.

Next I get, what I believe most people are threatened with when starting a training contract, photocopying. Luckily, it wasn’t quite as bad as it sounds. I wasn’t simply asked to stand by the photocopiers, wittily coined ‘Bill and Ben the Photocopying Men’ in our office, for hours watching page after page print. It was in fact to update Brief to Counsel. Due to the fast moving nature of cases this is an important task. Without regular updates you could be forgiven for believing not a lot has occurred on a case, however this is never the situation, things are happening all the time and so it is vital that Briefs to Counsel are updated in order for a case to run smoothly.

I then get handed further amendments to my full Position Statement. At this point you are probably wondering why I am receiving constant amendments. This is not unusual and it is not a reflection on my drafting ability as a whole but all part of the learning curve. Each solicitor has a different way of phrasing things and new information crops up in the short space of time between drafting and editing.

After completing a number of other minor jobs I’m about to shut down for the day when I’m handed a very stern letter that is to go to the other side in a current case and asked to quickly proof read it. It is an urgent matter and must be addressed immediately, something that is a day to day occurrence in any law firm and definitely within Stowe Family Law LLP. I read the document, making amendments as I go, and send it over to the solicitor on the case.

I finally shut down my computer and I am handed the menu for the office Christmas party, not a bad end to the day. I will definitely be having the Christmas pudding for desert.

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