Files, documents, letters, sticky notes, and a discarded glass of water.

file-folders-292x300The day started off quietly, that was until 10am and then the work literally piled up. My desk is currently a mess with files, documents, letters, tiny notes I made to myself along the way, a discarded glass of water and half a ginger granola bar.

10 am came and I sat in on a telephone interview with a client in order to take notes for the acting solicitor. The interview only lasted half an hour and yet by the end my arm was aching. Luckily the LPC exams taught me to write quickly. The interview closes and I discuss the case with the acting solicitor. The discussion ends with a long list of tasks that need completing including an attendance note, a number of telephone calls, a draft letter, a brief to counsel, and a schedule of assets. However, as I sit down to my desk to write the attendance note I am immediately called in to another client meeting with a different acting solicitor. This is a face-to-face meeting with the client and once again I am required to make notes. The meeting lasts for over an hour and a half and I am constantly jumping up to copy documents. By the end of this meeting I am surprised to find that my arm hasn’t fallen off.

At this point in the day I decide to make myself a list of tasks in the hope that this will prevent me from forgetting anything. The first task on my list is to type up the telephone attendance note, it is vitally important that an accurate account is kept of all client meetings. Only half way through and I am interrupted to draft a client letter. That out of the way I am finally back underway and quickly complete the attendance note. Following this I place the required telephone calls and draft a letter to the other side. These seem like somewhat menial jobs to be mentioning, however, they are the stock of any law firm and the ability to converse with clients, the other side and chambers is an important skill.

Following this I am determined to begin the Schedule of Asset, which is in essence a snapshot of the client’s current finances including their assets, liabilities, income and expenditure. However, as I begin to format my excel spread sheet I find that we do not appear to have a Form E on file, without which it will be nigh on impossible to draft the schedule. While the Form E is located I begin my brief to counsel but I’m interrupted by a telephone call requesting that I contact another client with regard to a letter which requires their approval.

The day ends busy and with tasks that will definitely overflow into tomorrow. However, in other news I remembered my umbrella today, but alas I leave the office and it appears the weather God has other ideas and the sun is shining.

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