Wetherby may be wet today but it’s all go, go, go

stoweToday is market day in Wetherby and the shoppers are out in force despite the rain. At this point you may be asking yourself why exactly I’m in Wetherby and not Harrogate, it being a work day. I’m actually visiting our brand new Stowe Family Law LLP Wetherby Office. Just down the road from Wetherby Town Hall and overlooking the market square the office sits in Oakgate House on Market Place.

Since being founded in 1982 Stowe Family Law LLP has expanded nationally, Wetherby now being our third office in Yorkshire and our sixth office nationwide. The Wetherby office was first considered when we realised that a high percentage of our Harrogate office clients actually lived in Wetherby. It seemed silly not to accommodate those clients in their home town. The Wetherby team have been working very hard to get the office up and running and it shows; you’d be forgiven for thinking they had been there for years. As I pop outside I see how well the team have really settled in to the area as one of our solicitors greets the local butcher as he passes. The two talented partners who run the office alongside their friendly legal secretary, whose beaming smile greets you as you come through the door, are extremely approachable and welcoming whilst remaining professional and client driven. It is wonderful to see an office as it opens and to have the opportunity to watch it grow over the next two years.

As a trainee it is great to know that your firm is growing, expanding and has a strong future. A strong future is not only a good sign for my career but a brilliant sign for the clients and the communities we serve.

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