It is not just about the gift of the gab

megaphoneToday is one of those days when you wish you could wear a onesie to work. It is freezing outside but on the plus side I was able to attend a client meeting today and have already started to liaise with that client.

The matter involves preparing my first Form E, which to all those non-aspiring family lawyers is probably not that exciting. But for me, I cannot wait to jump right in and start it. I will not go into detail about Form E’s as Zoe has written a fabulous blog post about her first time preparing a Form E, which can be found here:

However, what I will start to talk to you about is client contact. One of the main reasons why I wanted to start a career in family law was because of the amount of client contact I thought I would be able to have. From witnessing the solicitors I work with I can tell that there is certainly a large amount of client contact. Since I am only a paralegal I did not expect to have as much client contact as I have had so far. And this is why I am loving working for Stowe Family Law. I am embracing the opportunities I have to communicate with clients and when the prospect arises to attend client meetings I am ecstatic.

Clearly in a family law firm the importance of client contact is heightened. It is what occurs almost daily in such a firm- emails, phone calls and meetings with clients. It seems to never stop. And this is what is so great about a family law firm.

However, lawyers have to possess certain skills when communicating with clients.  It is not just about having the required legal knowledge to be able to advise clients but being able to possess particular interpersonal skills. It is essential to be able to use appropriate communication methods when conversing with clients. Solicitors’ should not use legal jargon when speaking to clients and must be able to explain matters clearly, concisely and comprehensively. As much as I love talking (I was one of those that always got told off at school for chatting too much); it is quite different when it comes to a meeting with a client. It is a certain skill to be able to conduct a competent interview and I know that I have lots to learn. Although what is certainly helping me is the fact that I am able to attend client meetings with the solicitors in the firm and so I am learning new tips every day.

I must say that attending client’s meetings should certainly help me with my LPC interviewing exam in the next few weeks. If I am able to perform like any of the solicitors’ here- I should pass with flying colours.

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