Preparing for my LPC


This week one of the partners at the Leeds office and I, made our way to the Barristers chambers. Although, I was prepared to work hard in the meeting, and ensure that I took a detailed attendance note, I was not prepared for the harsh winds outside. Note to self, appropriate winter work shoes are needed as soon as possible.

I had been reviewing the case file at the beginning of the week, and was looking forward to hear the instructed barrister’s thoughts on the case. Conferences with counsel are held so that the barrister can meet with the client, seek further information about the case, and advise on the prospects of success. They would also recommend the steps that need to be taken to prepare for the hearing. Today was our client’s last conference before they will be attending the final hearing in a few weeks.

Thankfully, I have been given the opportunity to attend the hearing, so will get to see how the case concludes. I really am getting some invaluable experience at the firm. Attending meetings, conferences and hearings is enabling me to get a real feel for the life of a solicitor. I feel that it is also preparing me for the LPC, which I intend to start in the coming months. Doing a law degree can only prepare you for the legal profession in part, this is because the course does not teach one what law is like in practice. Those wanting to pursue a career in law must complete the LPC (Legal Practice Course) and following that, a training contract.  To find out more about trainee contracts, take a look at ‘Time to Review Stowe Family Law training contracts’.

The LPC gives you the essential training needed to become a qualified solicitor. It will act as a bridge between my life in academia and the professional life at a law firm. The aim of the course is to provide the legal knowledge and skills to thrive in today’s market. Indeed, the school where I will be doing the course focuses on the all round legal skills and commercial awareness that employers seek. In attaining these qualities, I hope to cement my place at Stowe Family law!

I know that the course will not be an easy one. I have friends who are now qualified lawyers that have informed me that it is extremely intense. I am most definitely up for the challenge, however this may not stop me asking my ‘co-bloggers’, Zoe and Becca for some useful tips! On that note, I’d like to wish Becca good look in her upcoming exams (not that you will need it).

Have a good weekend all!

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