A Festive Update of my time at Stowe Family Law

wreathOn my way to work this morning there were a good five different Christmas songs playing on the radio, which certainly put me in a festive mood.  We have a beautiful wreath on our office door and I know that Christmas time is just around the corner. Mulled wine, Santa and Christmas songs – what more can you ask for? (Probably not the two stone that I am going to put on over the festive period, but that is just the price you have to pay).

Anyway, even though Christmas seems not so far away, as a LPC student, and although I have technically “finished for Christmas”, I still have exams next week. Honestly, after university no-one wishes for more exams but in order to become a solicitor this is exactly the route you have to take.  So, today I thought I would give you all a wee update on my first few months at Stowe Family Law, the LPC and well generally moving to Manchester.

As I did my degree in Leeds and wanted to study my LPC at the University of Law, Manchester seemed like the most fitting city.  And, I sure am happy that I have moved here. Firstly, the Christmas markets are huge compared to Leeds and so I am very spoiled for choice.  But the real test of living, working and studying here is the juggling of time I have to manage. As a lawyer, time management and organisation is essential and studying for my LPC and working at Stowe Family Law, I have certainly learnt how to utilise my time.  The thing is, even though my peers on my course are astonished at how I manage to prepare my work for university while having a job, I feel it actually works in my favour.

Let’s take one of my exams next week: solicitor’s accounts (I am sure Zoe can recall the horror of this). I have learned far more about the reality of the nature of this exam. This is because recently Laura, a solicitor at the Wilmslow office, taught me how to complete a Form H (I must say she is a very good teacher).  A Form H is essentially an accumulation of the costs incurred by the party before a FDR (Financial Dispute Resolution). I will not go into grave detail about a Form H as Zoe has written a great article explaining what it is, which can be found here:  http://www.stowefamilylawllp.com/2013/11/21/whats-in-a-form-h/

But what I will tell you, is that in order to gather the detail to place in a Form H, a solicitor has to look at the ledger accounts of the client. It is these ledger accounts that give me nightmares about my solicitor’s accounts exam. It is these ledgers that I have had countless workshops at university on, so that I can understand how client money is spent and how law firms record the accounting of this money.  Preparing my first Form H really put these learning aspects into practice and made the whole nightmare of solicitor’s accounts less scary. So, even though at every available moment I seem to be doing work for university, working at Stowe Family Law has certainly made the understanding of the practical aspects of the course a whole lot easier.I have been able to learn a lot more than my peers and have been able to witness the practicalities of what I am learning on the LPC. Yes, it is hard working and studying. But do I regret it? Not a bit.  I am already excited ( yes, I know) about the prospect of studying Family Law on the LPC because if I get asked to produce a Form E- I will know exactly what I am doing ( and I must say a major thank you to Nastassia Burton and Laura Guillon- my teachers in all of this).

And with that, I wish you all a fabulous weekend!

P.S Wish me luck for my exams!!!

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