It’s Christmas Day!

Christmas EveWell, it is Christmas Day, I am however writing this on Christmas Eve, as I may be a little busy cooking Christmas dinner to write a post this morning. The Stowe Family Law office was buzzing with festivity on Christmas Eve and we were packed up early, 12pm and we were done. It was also my brother’s birthday on Christmas Eve, so to truly kick off the festivities I shot off home for a huge family party. I figured, however, that I would write a quick, slightly festive blog post to wish you all a Merry Christmas in case any of you decided to tune in today.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that on Christmas Eve there should be little work to be done. However, if the trend is anything to go by, January promises to be a busy month and so it is good practice to ensure you are fully on top of all your cases before tucking in to the Bailey’s and kicking back to celebrate. January has been nicknamed the divorce month, why? Because it is apparently the month with the highest divorce petition rate. It may be explained by the fact that some couples hold off in order to not disrupt their families over the Christmas period or it may be that the Christmas period, when people often have time off to spend at home, really brings home the issues in a marriage. Whatever the reason, as a law firm we need to be prepared for the possible influx of clients. Plus, either way with the New Year beckoning it is a great idea to have everything in order so that you can kick off the New Year organised and ready for anything that may crop up.

I am lucky to have a good few days off over Christmas, but don’t worry this won’t mean that it will be all quiet on the Western Front. We will hopefully be keeping you updated with legal news and exciting posts about what me, Charlotte and Becca have been up to at the various offices over the festive period. There will be no posts this Thursday or Friday because the offices are closed, but I will be posting on the 30th of December, so if you are so full of mince pies and Christmas pudding to move off your sofa why not tune in and have a quick read. The Blog will then be up and running again as usual from the 2nd of December.

I hope you are all having a brilliant Christmas and haven’t burnt the turkey just yet, with it only being 9am. I also hope that none of you had to make that last mad dash around the shops in search of that illusive present yesterday. Luckily, I finished my Christmas shopping on the 23rd and so with the end of this blog post all that is left for me to say now is: Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a happy holiday filled with festive fun.


Photo by peminumkopi via Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

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