Angela Sussens Q&A

Angela Sussens – Family Law Solicitor Leeds

Angela Sussens started her trainee solicitor programme in 2004 and qualified in 2006. She is now a solicitor at the Stowe Family Law LLP Leeds office.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. First things first, what was it that attracted you to studying law?

At 18 years old, I was almost certain that I wanted to pursue a career in the legal profession but, at such a young age, I did not want to limit my options for the future. However, I was reassured that a law degree would teach and develop a wide range of skills such as assimilating large amounts of information, research skills, written and oral skills and approaching tasks and problem solving in a reasoned and logical way. All of these are invaluable to many other non-legal careers.

So once you decided that a law degree was for you, why did you choose family law?

I was attracted to the ‘human’ element of family law. Family lawyers deal with clients who are going through extremely difficult times. It is not just a matter of number crunching and working out who should get what. An important role of any family lawyer is to recognise the turmoil their client is going through following a marriage or relationship breakdown and to make sure they receive proper guidance and support on the practical issues that arise. Without it, they may end up agreeing to arrangements which are simply unfair or impractical (or having those arrangements imposed on them by a more dominant ex-partner).

Why did you choose to be a trainee at Stowe Family Law?

Marilyn’s reputation as a leading family lawyer was obviously an attraction and when SFL opened an office in my home town of Harrogate, which coincided with me completing the LPC, it seemed too good to be true!

What was the most surprising thing about being a trainee?

How quickly 2 years fly by!

What has been your career highlight so far?

Representing the husband in the Miller Smith case which was reported on two separate occasions.

Finally, what advice would you give to future trainees or family law solicitors?

Get the most out of the two years of training by working hard and absorbing as much information as possible. Ask lots of questions and don’t stop asking as soon as you qualify as you will continue to learn and gain valuable experience from those around you.

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