Rachel Roberts Q&A

Rachel Roberts – Family Law Solicitor Leeds

Rachel Roberts joined Stowe Family Law LLP as a trainee in August 2002 after studying at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle. She is now a partner in our Leeds office.

First of all, what attracted you to studying law?

The fact that it is such a diverse subject, with so many different areas of law. I really enjoyed studying for my degree and found learning why and how laws have developed fascinating.

What made you choose to specialise in family law?

I like the day to day contact with clients and the personal nature of the service we offer, which can have a massive impact on lives.

For your experience as a trainee, why did you choose Stowe Family Law?

I was attracted by the dynamic nature of the firm, and in particular Marilyn Stowe. The quality of work at the firm is excellent and diverse. This has enabled me to be involved in any number of fascinating cases from very early in my career here.

What was your most memorable experience of the traineeship?

Assisting with a multi-million pound High Court case that proceeded to a final hearing. I learnt so much about the importance of carefully preparing cases and dealing with complex assets.

What was the most surprising thing about being a trainee?

How little your academic studying prepares you for working in a law firm! Although you may know the law, actually using it in practice is a very different experience.

What has been your career highlight so far?

Locating a seven figure sum that had been hidden offshore and had been outstanding to my client for a number of years.

Finally, what advice would you give to future trainees or family law solicitors?

Not to underestimate the value of understanding areas of law other than family law. When dealing with cases, you will often come across issues relating to tax, companies, probate and inheritance to name but a few. Whilst you can always take expert advice, it helps to have a basic knowledge in these areas.

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